About me:

I believe photography is

a wonderful creative medium...

a way to interpret reality in new and unexpected manners... 

a great imagination exercise...

an escape from daily routine towards unexplored corners of the human mind... 

a neverending source of inspiration...

the most beautiful of all visual arts...

Moreover, fine-art photography is a direct gateway to the photographer's soul, if you just look carefully enough. So I will let my images speak for themselves. 

Relax, daydream and be inspired. 

Or don't. It's up to you. Peace!  

Important notice:

All photos on this website are my personal copyright, which means any unauthorised use of them (such as downloading, distributing, printing, copying, selling, etc.) will have legal consequences. All images are provided with both visible and invisible copyright information and were not uploaded at their original high resolution.

Gallery News (August 2021) - New Category: Click Here for "Patterns".

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Creative Fine-Art Photography from Regensburg (Germany)


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