About me

I believe photography is a wonderful creative medium, a way to interpret reality in new and unexpected manners, a never-ending source of inspiration and the most beautiful of all visual arts. 

 I do not believe in the ordinary. I feel that everything surrounding me tells a visual story, which can be a very different one, depending on context, perspective, lighting, colours and mood. I find my role as a photographer is to serve these stories by becoming their (very) subjective narrator, releasing them into the world and unveiling their magic for other eyes to see. This process is a continuous journey that fills me with joy. 

The photography featured here is just a small selection of my work over the years and by viewing it, you can help the stories told on this page reach their destination. With this in mind, I hope you enjoy them. 

I recommend watching the images on a big screen. They were not uploaded at their true size, to deter from copyright infringement. By the way: All photos and text on this website are my personal copyright, which means any unauthorized use of them, such as downloading, distributing, printing, copying, selling, etc., will have legal consequences. All images are provided with both visible and hidden copyright and were neither uploaded at their original high resolution, nor with their metadata (Exif information).

Recently Uploaded 

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Electric (new in Miscellaneous)

End of Innocence (new in Dark & Melancholic)

Creative Fine-Art Photography from Regensburg (Germany)


Alexandra Weissgerber Fotografie

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